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Who pays me my money?

Although the FITs are established in law, rather than coming from the government, the tariffs are actually paid by the energy suppliers.

Where does the money come from?

It comes from the supply companies. The suppliers pass on the cost of the Feed-In Tariffs to their electricity customers.... so people who don't install solar systems pay for those who do!

When and how are payments made?

If you use the same company that supplies your electricity to pay your Feed-In Tariffs, they are likely to do both at the same time. They may choose to pay a cheque or submit a bill for the difference.  Contact Use Solar and we can give you specific information for your energy supplier.

Do you need planning permission?

In England, Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland, you don't need planning permission for most home solar electricity systems, as long as they're below a certain size - but you should check with your local planning officer, especially if your home is a listed building, or is in a conservation area or World Heritage Site.

Is your roof strong enough?

Solar panels are not light and the roof must be strong enough to take their weight, especially if the panel is placed on top of existing tiles. If in doubt, our expert installers can check for you.

How much will the system cost?

This is dependent on the different variables. A typical domestic system can cost between £3000 - £6000, 1Kw to 4kw respectively.

How much money will I save/earn?

This is dependent on 3 main factors.

  • Size of system
  • Which direction the system is facing and geographical location
  • How much of the generated electricity you use

You can also use the cash back calculator on the energy saving website:

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