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Solar Electricity

Solar electricity systems capture the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells. The cells convert the sunlight into electricity, which can then be used to run household appliances and lighting.

PV cells don't need direct sunlight to work - so you're still generating electricity on a cloudy day.

How does it benefit me?

  • Earns and saves you money
  • Tax free on earnings
  • Increases your property value and saleability
  • Generates electricity without pollution

Quick Solar Facts

  • 20 years government backed
  • Domestic property revenues is tax free
  • Install 3-4 days minimal disruption

Our Products

At UseSolar we use the leading brands for our installs. This brings quality to our installations and will give you the most efficient systems available for your requirements.

We supply from all major manufacturers such as : Sharp , Sanyo & Mitsubishi

We supply from all major manufacturers such as : SMA , Fronius Diehl & Mastervolt

Monitoring Systems
A monitoring system can be installed to keep an eye on how much the panels are producing.
For larger systems we also offer external monitoring services whereby we monitor your systems and provide you with annual reports to make sure your system is working as it should.

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